Daddy’s little girl

Well, I don’t blame her. I was my daddy’s little girl too. And Keith’s pretty darn cool. I have no doubt he’ll be an awesome dad. Both of us have fears of being less than perfect parents, but the thing we have to remember is that God chose US to be D’s parents. What an incredible blessing!!!

Oh…how do I know she’s daddy’s girl? She told us…in so many punches. 🙂 Whenever Keith is around, her kicks and punches get harder and much more distinguished. My favorite “D action” by far happened today.

Keith (talking with his cheek on my belly): Hey girl! Are you punching mommy?
D: *punch*
Keith: Are you daddy’s little girl?
D: *very hard karate chop, punch, punch, punch*

I think we have our answer. 🙂



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