It’s beginning to look a lot like…a girly birth day!

I feel like I’m taking an exam with no study notes. I’ve heard about this. Many people around me are experts…actually, I am beginning to think every person in the world thinks they’re an expert. I’ve been to many websites, to the library, to the birth center, to the store, to the nursery. I’ve tried to soak up every piece of information on the subject of labor and newborns…but I still feel like a complete idiot on the subject. Thankfully my mom will be around to help me out the first few days of D’s life…I don’t know where D would be without her Grammie’s help!

On a brighter note, D’s room is coming together. She’ll be chillin’ with her Daddy and me for the first few weeks, but it feels good to have it looking like a baby girl’s room. Today, Keith put her shelf up above the changing table and it is now filled with the smallest diapers ever, wipes, pink blankets, cute burp rags, tiny shoes (made by yours truly…and I can’t wait to try them on her!), stuffed animals from my childhood, sleepy lavender lotion, and the like. Her clothes are washed (in detergent free and clear of dyes so she won’t get allergies right away…again, you can see my mom had to step in already) and folded and sized in her drawers. The bassinet is in our room and has her wedge, pretend D (“Lamby”–from when I was little–wearing a diaper, pink ribbon, and pink tutu skirt), diapers & wipes, and newborn clothes. Another warm pink blanket is in the car seat, installed correctly in the car. The birth bag has been in the backseat for weeks in anticipation. We put our Christmas tree up very late this year and are planning on leaving it up a bit longer. We’re in the country now, so we can do that. 😉
Aside from the stress of our recent move, our little girl entering the world, the Christmas season, etc…I feel very blessed. I am so excited to see more pink in my world. I’m so excited that we get the chance to teach a little person everything we know. I’m so excited to meet her and give her all the love I’ve been saving up for her. I am so excited to see what she looks like. I know we’ll make mistakes…plenty, I’m sure…but we’ll learn along with her and hopefully she’ll forgive our shortcomings. 🙂