It’s not all about D. :)

It has only been 2 months. It’s funny…I can’t believe D’s already 2 months old, but then, the actual birth seems much further away than that. It seems like an eternity has passed.
We want to give our girl a happy childhood. We want to teach her a good work ethic and the benefits of a self-sustaining lifestyle. We want to teach her that she doesn’t need to be glued to electronics to be happy, but can find happiness in the great-simple things in life.
When I was little, we lived next to a farm with horses. I always thought it would be a blast to live on a farm. I knew it would be a whole lot of work and I’d have to wake up way too early, but I loved riding horses and playing in the hay, and I really wanted some chicks.
Fast forward to now…my husband is very into homesteading. He wants to be able to keep our family fed if, for any reason, we had to live off the land. He has a green thumb like nobody I’ve known, and can build just about anything he sees. And he wants to live on a farm too!
Our first garden was in 5 gallon buckets on our apartment porch, and we had plenty of veggies & herbs! It was an awesome feeling to grow our own food and be able to go pick some, FRESH, from the porch for whatever meal I was cooking. It was definitely trial and error. We didn’t have enough sun on our porch/in front of the porch, and he had never gardened in containers. It was my very first garden as an adult.
This year, we have a little land to grow on! Keith built us a cold frame so we can start/keep growing even when it’s too cold. Although, in NC, we can start planting in the ground in February as long as we watch the weather! I actually just came in from “tucking the plants in for the night.” We have multiple gardening areas and hope to have at least double the yield. We are ramping up our garden adventure from last year.
Our NEW adventure is chickens!
Keith is going to build a chicken coop very soon and we hope to buy about 4-5 laying hens. We aren’t starting out with chicks just yet. Not that we’ll quit if it’s hard, but we want to try it out with a small amount at laying age first. I’m excited for this new adventure! We will have fresh eggs every week. We will know exactly where these eggs are coming from and what the chickens were fed and how they were treated. Very cool.
Keith would like to eventually get completely separate chickens that we will raise for the sole purpose of meat. These chickens will still be treated well, but I will hopefully not be as attached to these. I plan on naming them “Poppyseed Casserole,” “Roast,” “Chickety China,” etc. The ideas is, when I’m around them, I will be thinking that these are being raised for food, not as pets. When they are big enough, Keith will be doing the job as humanely as possible…and I will be as far away as possible. But again, we will know where our meat is coming from and what it has been fed, and that it wasn’t crammed in a truck full of other chickens in its lifetime.
Somebody has to kill meat for us to eat it, and we’re not about to be vegetarians. We’re meat lovers. So why not raise our own? It seems like the logical choice for us. I do realize that this will be hard for me. I was the kid who saved not 1, but 2 wild birds…and a mouse, and nursed them all back to health. So if anyone knows about easy attachment and being kind to animals, it’s me. But I was also the kid who grew up on a very steady diet of venison meat. Mmm. Now THAT makes me miss Michigan!