Nature Lovin’ Remedies…

I am not a doctor, nor have I had any classes in medicine, etc. I just wanted to get that out of the way.

I believe that God put things on the earth in natural form for us to use, and He said it was GOOD. I think humans mess up far more than we “fix” by thinking we’re smarter than God. (This article recently came out about the formaldehyde in Johnson & Johnson baby products…mmk, really? Did we really JUST now realize that formaldehyde was a bad thing to put on our bodies, let alone our children’s perfect, new skin? I’m glad they’ve committed to doing something, but it shouldn’t have been there in the first place in my opinion…alright, putting down my picket sign.) That said, if there is a natural way to cure or, better yet, avoid an ailment, I will try that before I go to the doctor and/or use the synthetic way.

I am growing more and more into this person. With our little girl, my tendency has always been to use products that have very few ingredients so I know what I’m putting on her…and especially IN her mouth. Lately, that has played out in my making (from scratch) the normal, everyday products you can buy from the store. 🙂

My favorite essential oil is tea tree and I use it on my baby’s booty in a diaper rash remedy, on my hands for eczema, in laundry, and in other cleaners! It’s also in our soap. I love it. Tea tree has TONS of health benefits…It’s antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, and here is a list of even more benefits!

SO, here is something I made today. I have been slathering it all over my hands because my eczema got really bad the past few days (I am beginning to think it’s related to my coffee intake, but I don’t wanna say goodbye!), and I plan to use a slight variation of it on my baby’s butt to prevent diaper rash. It was my first time making it like this, so I will play around with the measurements for a while.

…pure beeswax from a farm in Ohio
…coconut oil
…olive oil
…shea butter
…tea tree oil (a few more drops in my eczema version)
…brewed oolong tea

When my vitacost order (<<<$10 coupon through this link!) gets here, I’ll be adding:

…almond oil
…jojoba oil
…lavender oil

Mmm…it feels so good!!! And I know I’m not slathering harmful chemicals all over my child or myself!

What can YOU try today? A natural home deodorizer? A natural lotion or massage oil? A natural cleaner? It does not have to be expensive to do this!!! Trust me, I’m the princess of inexpensivity. 😉 So if that’s your excuse, EHHHHH! (buzzer noise) No. No time to make it? Because I know that’s what you were thinking, mamas. Well, valid concern. And if you can’t afford to purchase (Etsy, healthy store, etc) these things…the few minutes it takes to whip up together one more recipe will hopefully (I believe “definitely”) improve your quality of life in the long run…and hopefully give you a longer “run”!

Product database…look up your products’ ingredients and their ratings!


What do you think?

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