I am blessed.

6 AM. Loud cries startle me awake and I roll out of bed. I guess we’re getting up earlier now. It’s been about a week of this, so it’s trending lately. I am blessed.

Poopy diaper stinking up the bin. Sometimes, I swear it smells like we’re raising a gerbil. Should we line the crib with cedar shavings? šŸ™‚ I am blessed.

I lay her on the changing table to change her diaper, and she cries because it isn’t what she wants to do. I am blessed.

Blllbbbllllllbbbbbbbbb. That’s the sound of green beans being spit all over mommy’s face, hair, clothes, and floor. So we’re done with eating now. I am blessed.

Giggling baby, talking to herself in her crib before nap. I am blessed.

Silent house. I am blessed.

I’m too loud putting dishes away and somebody wakes up way too early. I am blessed.

I JUST got on a roll making hair accessories and she wakes up. I am blessed.

Oops, forgot about dinner and Daddy is home. I am blessed.

Baby finally fell asleep and the dog won’t stop barking at the dogs outside. I am blessed.

My life looks a WHOLE lot different from even a year ago. Sometimes, it’s difficult. Sometimes, it’s stressful. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming. But no matter what life brings, I am blessed. I am blessed to wake up to this beautiful little girl who loves her mommy. I am blessed to be able to be the one who kisses her goodnight and tells her I love her. I am blessed to go through life with her and teach her what I know. I’m blessed to learn along with her Daddy. I’m blessed to have her Daddy here by my side when I need a helping hand. I’m blessed to spend time with them.

I’ve been thinking about a song we learned in Jamaica…”When I wake up in the morning till I lay my head to rest, I am blessed. I am blessed.”

ā™„ Thank you, God…for all of your blessings. ā™„


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