Random & Real…Real Random

Lately, my thoughts have been pretty random, but it’s been a while, so I’ll just be real & random today!

  • Lil ladybug is working on about 6 or 7 teeth (including a molar) and is going through a huge growth spurt. Keith says she looks taller every night. πŸ™‚

20130517180603 20130521154517

  • Through that time, I’ve had a migraine off an on…for about 3 days straight, then off and on. Not fun when your toddler is already not feeling well and screaming about her mouth!
  • I have a love-hate thing for storms since we’ve lived here. There are a few trees that are super tall and old and freak me out whenever the wind blows crazy hard in thunderstorms. But I absolutely love living in the country and looking out my window into the woods…How gorgeous these bright green leaves are after a storm! (Lightning gives off potent doses of nitrogen I think?)
  • We’ve also learned that plants are seemingly healthier to eat right after lightning…at least for the chickens. They go straight to the greens & bypass the bugs after a storm. Of course, they fill up on worms after they’ve had their share of greens. πŸ™‚
  • One of our chickens has laid at least 2 sets of “twins” (double yolks in 1 egg) I have another one in the fridge that might be a “twin”. They’re extra extra large eggs! Jackpot! πŸ™‚

20130516111053 20130430113427


  • Chamomile & lemon-balm tea made from our own plants tastes amazing and is so calming. I think it’s extra calming because our plants are pesticide-free and it’s super cheap! I grew these from seeds inside, then transplanted them into this bucket. It’s overflowing! Every time I go to the garden, there are more flowers! (Also safe for teething babies…OHHH, I GOTTA GO MAKE SOME!) πŸ™‚



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