I love this kid.


“Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.” Psalm 127:3

I’ve met people in the past who had kids before they were ready to “settle down” and they had a constant attitude with their children. When their kids walked away, they told us not to have kids, implying that they are such a burden and so annoying. I really felt sad for them. Not just for the kids whose parents didn’t enjoy them being around, but also for the parents who were so focused on other things, they couldn’t enjoy those little gifts and invest in their lives. I will never forget that encounter, along with a few others like that. We promised each other our kids would never be a “burden” to us and we would enjoy those “gifts” as much as possible, if we ever had them.

Fast forward about 4-5 years.
D: Bess you.
Me: Thank you!
D: hahahahaha! Poon! Meena!
Me: Yeah, you’re using a spoon! Good job. But you already had a banana…a WHOLE banana!
D: Mo’? (while signing and making her sweet question face)

🙂 We have silly-sweet conversations like this all day long. When I leave, I get the bestest big kisses (with sound-effects) and the biggest monkey hugs (they’re monkey hugs because she wraps her whole little self around me and hangs on).

I get to teach her…the ABC song, flashcards, music, art, crazy-white-girl dance moves, singing along to songs we don’t know the words to so we make them up, every single little thing outside from the chickens and planting veggies in the garden to blowing dandelion seeds all over and playing “Bubblllllles!” in the grass, signing things around the house because she absolutely loves Baby Signing Time, how to make pizza, and how to take care of her babies, her doggie, and her daddy. Every little thing we do is a teachable moment, especially right now in this discovery age.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all sunshine and glitter rainbows. We have bad moments. But she is truly a gift, and she is an incredible one.

Ooop, I gotta go.
D: “Baby time ceeg up. Ceeg up, ceeg up. B, ball. Poopy ballll.”
Translation: I would like to watch Baby Signing Time after we “clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere.” Then, we should do the ABC’s and talk about the B, ball. And then we should go outside to play with the dirty ball.

I’m becoming fluent in toddler-ese.


I washed a book. It’s small and I’m guessing it was in somebody’s pocket. 🙂


Are you a chicken or a song bird?

The beautiful song birds flitter about doing their business…singing as they go, the most beautiful songs. Tiny little birdies with their vibrant colors…the chickadee with his black tie, the blue bird with his blue suede jacket and khaki undershirt, the yellowthroat and goldfinch on their way to a masquerade. Beautiful looks, beautiful songs, always with something important to do, always with a happy heart.

And then, there are the chickens…

I personally think ours are beautiful, but some are just plain ugly. Some of them need to take care of themselves a bit better…maybe a dust bath instead of bathing in mud? 🙂 Chickens are much larger birds, and they can become huge rather quickly. Here’s a picture of the biggest rooster I’ve ever seen. I call him Gigantor…


Hens squawk and whine and the roosters make a constant, loud, annoying COCKADOODLEDOOOOOO!!!!!!! They walk around aimlessly like they have nothing to do. When they make their beds, they just kick some leaves up and sit down…good ’nuff. They’re quite simple, but they seem to enjoy it. And they lay eggs…Delicious eggs full of nutrition from their free-roaming lifestyle.

It’s easy to compare ourselves to other people…especially if they are seemingly more beautiful, have a more beautiful “song”, have seemingly more important things to do, etc. But we are each created with our own unique strengths and weaknesses, and each of us has a specific purpose. Sometimes it’s hard not to compare ourselves to people around us, and we can be our own worst judge. But God himself says, “People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” So remember, when you feel like the tiniest little sparrow, or the dirtiest, ugliest chicken scratching around, you are far more valuable to your Heavenly Father. He created you in His image, He loves you beyond comprehension, and He has a plan for you!




We saw some peacocks this weekend at a farm down the road and it reminded me of this post I started a while ago and never posted. 🙂 How beautiful is this bird!?

How does your garden grow?

IMG_5091 Keith & D eating sweet peas…this is where the story of Jack and the Beanstalk gets its name! 😉

IMG_5087 The tall one is dill…tastes like pickles! There’s some basil close to the ground and eucalyptus with little circular leaves behind all that.

IMG_5099 We think these are Roma tomatoes…but we’re not sure. 🙂

IMG_5098 Peppers on the left and tomatoes on the right.

IMG_5097 Tons of squash getting bigger! You can see one of the ollas in the middle of all the squash plants. Big ol’ slug in there apparently. Woops.

IMG_5095 Tons of tomato plants and tons of buds, flowers, and green tomatoes! 😀

IMG_5101 The garden view under the big top from the entrance. 🙂 It was getting too dark at this point.