Fun new playground!

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So the little lady got a fun new playground and we’ve been working on it this whole week. It has been pretty inexpensive (YAAAY! I love inexpensive!) for all the fun things we have in there! We had a little fencing and some stakes left from the garden, but we had to buy some of it…luckily, it was on sale! The neighbors gave us the swing since their kids are all older now, and we picked up the slide and sandbox toys for free at the garbage dump. (There’s a shed where you can put your nice, usable items for others to take! People HOVER over this shed because it is AWESOME! Think: Craigslist’s “free” board.) I have been searching Craigslist for the past few weeks looking for a sandbox and a playhouse. I finally found BOTH of them for $25!  We need to get a few bags of sand for the sandbox and we’re planning on using rubber mulch for the ground cover, and we’ll be done! 🙂 D absolutely loves it! She sat in the dirt the first night and just played quietly for a looong time, smiling away! It’s fenced in because, as you can see, we live in the woods. It’s difficult doing any yard work, chicken work, etc when there’s a toddler running into spider webs, falling on rocks, and tripping over roots & branches. So the fence is awesome. And the chickens are jealous and want in there. But they will poop, so they’re not allowed. 🙂


Doesn’t her comb look awesome now? This is Baby, the first chicken we brought home. She was free because she was hurt and our neighbor didn’t think she’d make it. She’s super feisty and she follows me all around when we’re outside. She’ll eat any snake or insect she sees and she looks very healthy!

“Rubber mulch is expensive compared to other things! Why rubber mulch?” Well, when I asked on facebook, I heard yells of “NO SAND!” 🙂 It’ll get in kids’ crevices, in their pull-ups, in their clothes, etc and end up tracked all over the house. Regular mulch causes splinters, washes away easily, you have to replace it every year or few years, and it draws bugs. From websites about rubber mulch, it is…

  • Clean and odor free; reduces dirt, mud, and insects
  • Never rots or decomposes
  • 99.9% steel-free
  • Non-toxic; Non-abrasive; Non-staining
  • Lasts almost forever & you can spray it with a hose to clean it
  • Dries quickly, even after a storm
  • Soft & springy for falls
  • Reduces fungus, mold, and weeds

So, it’ll be a little more expensive at the beginning, but we’ll be able to keep it for a long, long time without having to replace it. 🙂 Here’s what else I’ve been doing lately…

IMG_5355 IMG_5384


I’m very excited to sell hairbow holders in my shop now! I also have some awesome gift sets available and lots of new flowers! 🙂


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