Here are some of my favorite definitions of “brooding” from…

brooding – sitting on eggs so as to hatch them by the warmth of the body
brooding – persistent morbid meditation on a problem
brooding – deeply or seriously thoughtful


It’s kind of funny that “persistent morbid meditation on a problem” and “sitting on eggs” are definitions of the same word. 🙂 I think our broody hen, Red has been a lil bummed. She comes out of the nesting box in the mornings like me coming through a spider web…wings flying, muttering & sputtering, and running off into the distance! “GET…ME…OUTTA HERE!” She comes back a little while later after she’s had her “me time” to sit on her eggs. It takes about 21 days of a hen sitting on eggs to have them hatch without an incubator. If the weather is very hot, it may take a day or 2 less, and if the weather is cold, it may take a day or 2 more. TODAY is the day! It has been 21 days. We should find out soon if the chicks will make it, and if they were all fertilized. Red has been sectioned off with her eggs till they hatch, and then we will move them to their own area.

This is our first experience with hens (since March), and now, our first experience with a broody hen (other than our neighbor’s recently)! We adopted 2 little chicks from our neighbor’s hen whose other chicks didn’t make it. (Pics from a week ago first) They are getting feathered out and growing so fast! (Pics from today are at the end)

 1116127_832801982404_1523174147_o  1149548_832801877614_810002876_o 1172784_832802221924_1767410780_o

We are planning on making another coop for Red and her new chicks and introducing the 2 we adopted to the group in a few weeks. We’ve read that it’s good to keep new chickens separated from the rest of the flock for a period of time to keep them from pecking each other too much (it’s natural to establish a “pecking order”) or spreading any possible diseases. We clean our coop frequently and provide fresh water and food daily, along with keeping a daily eye on their health, but we’d rather be safe than sorry since they are outside and they’ll free range most of the time when they’re old enough.

1233057_835264118264_152267166_o 999775_836398909134_1073231263_a 1185957_836398879194_234546147_n

Check out those markings! I think the darker one is going to look like his/her daddy!


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