I’m better than you and I know more.

Just kidding. 🙂 I shocked you into reading though, right? 🙂

I have strong opinions. Do I need to say that? 🙂 In a perfect world, I wouldn’t need to write this post, but I know I make mistakes and I know perceptions and impressions sometimes get in the way of reality. I know I’m not alone in opinion-world. I’m not calling it “opinionated” because it’s not always “stubborn,” “unreasonable,” or “arrogant.” Although, I can admit, I am opinionated at times as well.

I am a person who loves to share information I’ve found, because if I found it helpful, it may be to you as well. It’s almost never to start a fight, or say “YOU’RE WRONG!” or “You don’t know how to do this, let me teach you.” That last one might be a small percentage of the time if you ask my husband. (“What’s the ‘right way’ to wash the dishes?” Errr…)

If I love a recipe, I love having a garden or chickens, I love a book or product, I share it…you might love it too! If I think something is unjust or outrageous, I share it to get the word out (not to scare you, but make you aware so it doesn’t happen to you or your loved ones!). If I’ve researched a subject or a candidate, I talk about what I think on the subject and share links to articles/blogs, etc on the matter. I try to keep my mouth shut about things I haven’t researched enough to carry on a full conversation about. And occasionally, I just keep my mouth shut when I think there’s no point in arguing over it because I know it’s such a split issue. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. All kinds of things are coming to mind as I type…

God, Syria, gun control, violence, human trafficking, big corporations, mainstream popularity, modern medicine, homesteading, food & drink, drugs, homosexuality, vaccines, the entertainment industry, the royal baby, teaching kids, TV…I could go on and on. Some of those things I have spoke out for or against or stated my opinion on the issue, and a few I have kept my mouth shut about.

I know I’m not cool, and I don’t care to be. In school when I was trying to figure out what “group” I was in (popular-cool kids, trouble makers, nerds, etc), I realized I was an “other.” For style, I choose things I like, not what’s in style at the moment. For beliefs (all sorts, not just religious), I don’t generally go with the majority or take what I’m told at face value. I seek out “options” and research & ask questions to find out what and why. It’s not that it’s fun to be in the “other” group. Sometimes it’s kinda lonely over here. But I can’t do life in any other group.

So I guess I just wanted to let you in on a few reasons why I post what I post and why I talk about what I talk about. I wanted you to hear what is in my heart when I post. I don’t like confrontation and I don’t wish to offend. I’m sorry if I’ve somehow hurt you. Please don’t think I am saying “I’m right, you’re wrong.” I just like stating my opinion! 🙂