Dairy-free, sugar-free ice cream APPROVED by an ice cream fanatic

I found this recipe through a Pinterest pin from Lilly at Recipe by Photo…that’s my kind of recipe! 😉


When your bananas start to get too ripe, or sooner if you really want to try this ice cream, peel them and add them to a ziplock bag or tupperware that is dedicated to frozen bananas. I keep my empty bag in the freezer when it’s waiting for more bananas, but rarely does that happen! Most of my bananas end up in half.

To make this super yummy ice cream that is approved by this ice cream addict fanatic, just take your frozen bananas and put them in the blender. I use about 3/4 mix frozen bananas, to 1/4 mix natural peanut butter (real, 100% pb…like Smucker’s Natural Chunky). That mixture seems to make it scoopable after you freeze it. Next, add about 1 TBSP cocoa powder and pecans, coconut, or whatever you’d like as your mix-in’s. BLEND! (I usually add a few splashes of unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk at this point if my bananas are too frozen and won’t blend.)

If you want a shake, you can drink it as is. If you want ice cream, pour into a tupperware, and freeze for about an hour or so. When it’s frozen, you have some stinkin’ yummy, dairy-free, sugar-free ice cream!

We’ve been dairy-free and sugar-free for a lil while now and the thing I thought I’d miss most was ice cream. When I stumbled upon (ok, I searched) this recipe on Pinterest, I didn’t look back. 🙂 I do NOT miss ice cream, because I have it…and it’s HEALTHY ICE CREAM!!! YESSSSS!


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