Salmon Patties

I know I’ve said this before, but I am terrible about measurements! I rarely measure things. So these are the best estimate of what I use. If it seems too mushy or too dry, add more crackers or lemon juice/mustard/eggs, etc.

Mix all ingredients in a large mixing bowl…

About 3 or 4 small cans of salmon in WATER (drain. If there are bones, just crush them…the calcium is good for ya.)
A good squirt of lemon juice
A good squirt of Dijon mustard or brown mustard
1-2 sleeves of Ritz crackers (I love the garden vegetable or similar flavor, but you can use whatever)
1 small-medium finely chopped onion (we like a lot, but if you feel like the ratio is off, you can add or take away)
1-2 farm raised eggs <—because they are so much healthier for you!
salt & pepper, fish seasoning, etc…do it up! We like a lot in ours. 🙂

Once you’ve mixed it all up and the ratio feels right to you, form it into patties. If it seems to be the right consistency, not too dry or too moist, but it won’t form into patties, add an egg.

Heat up some coconut oil at a medium-high temperature. Fry patties in oil and serve with tartar sauce.

An easy tartar sauce is (~1/4-1/2 of the mix) mayo, (~1/2-3/4 of the mix) relish, lemon/lime, and fish seasoning or salt & pepper. You can also eat them plain, with relish or chow-chow, or with hot sauce!

Play around with it till you get it how you like it! 🙂 This is one of our favorite meals and can be made very healthy!



  • Making a double batch and freezing half of the patties in a tupperware or ziplock freezer bag. When you want a quicker meal, pull out the patties you want and thaw for about 20-30 min while you go about your business. When they’re slightly thawed, fry them up! Much less mess and no prep for that day! 🙂
  • Salmon loaf (I have yet to try this, but would like to! I think a small, long loaf would work best & you can possibly slice it? Please let me know if you try it!)
  • Salmon cupcakes (Ok, maybe the word “cupcakes” makes that sound strange. But baked salmon instead of fried would be much healthier. Try baking your salmon “patties” in a cupcake pan!)

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